Pomegranate, Orange & Rosemary Cocktail

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Looking for a festive, yet very easy cocktail recipe? Try this easy pomegranate cocktail recipe! It’s kicked up a notch or two with some festive flavors such as orange and rosemary. Cheers to the holidays!


Simple Syrup:

1/2 cup sugar

1/2 cup water

1 large peel of orange

1 sprig fresh rosemary


1 slice fresh orange

1 oz pomegranate juice

1 1/2 oz Vodka

1/2 oz Rosemary Orange Simple Syrup

Club soda

Pomegranate seeds



The first thing you want to do is make the simple syrup. In a small pan over medium high heat add in the sugar, water, rosemary, and orange peel. Let it come to a simmer until the sugar has dissolved. Once dissolved turn it off and let if come to room temperature 

In a shaker, muddle the orange slice

Add ice in the shaker along with the pomegranate juice, vodka, and simple syrup

Shake until chilled and strain into a glass filled with ice

Top off with club soda, add a sprig of rosemary, and a few pomegranate seeds to the top

Cheers to the Holidays!