Soft Lemony Blueberry Cookies

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Spring is here! Even if you can’t go outside and fully enjoy this gorgeous time why not make an easy cookie recipe that will transport you there. These flavorful, soft, scrumptious cookies only take a few minutes and will bring you so much joy.


1 stick butter, room temperature

4 oz cream cheese, room temperature

1 cup sugar

1 egg

1 tablespoon lemon juice

1 tablespoon lemon zest

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

2 1/2 cups all purpose flour

1 teaspoon baking soda

2 teaspoons cornstarch

1/4 teaspoon salt

2 cups fresh blueberries 


1 cup powdered sugar

1 tablespoon cream

1 tablespoon lemon juice

Lemon zest


Preheat your oven to 350 degrees and line baking sheets with parchment paper

In a bowl with an electric mixer cream together the butter, cream cheese, and sugar until light and fluffy

Scrape down the sides of the bowl and add in the egg, lemon zest, lemon juice, and vanilla extract. Mix until combined

Add in the flour, baking soda, cornstarch, and salt. Mix until just combined

Using a spatula, fold in the fresh blueberries by hand until combined

Either using a large cookie scoop or spoon, scoop out about 3 tablespoons of the dough and put onto the prepared sheet tray, making sure to leave at least 1 inch in between

Let the cookies bake until a very slight golden brown, around 10-15 minutes. Take the out to cool while you make the glaze

In a bowl add the powdered sugar, lemon juice, and cream. Stir until combined. You want the glaze to not be too runny so add more powdered sugar if you feel it is, or if it feels too thick add a little more lemon juice

Drizzle the tops of the cookies with the glaze and zest a lemon over the tops as well. Hope you’re ready for Spring in your mouth!