Deviled Eggs with Pepper Jelly & Bacon

Ok, who DOESN’T like Deviled Eggs?! They’re a classic that can’t be beat. I’ve decided to crank up the volume about 10 notches on this delicious classic. The sweet and spicy pepper jelly paired with the creaminess of the egg and the crunchiness and salty of the bacon makes for an insane appetizer that everyone is going to go crazy for. A must try!


6 eggs
1/4 cup mayonnaise
Pepper Jelly
4 bacon slices


The first thing you want to do is boil your eggs. In a pot add the eggs and cover with water. Turn the heat on high, letting it come to a boil, boil 5 minutes, and then turn off the heat. Add the lid to the top and let it sit until the water is room temperature. Crank and peel the eggs under running water and set aside
While the eggs are cooking bake the bacon. I like to add them on a single layer to an aluminum foil lined sheet tray and put them in a preheated oven set at 385 degrees F. Once the bacon is browned and crisp, take them out and put them on paper towels to soak up the excess grease, and set aside
Take the egg and cut it in half longways. Put the cooked yolk into a bowl and mash it with a fork until smooth
Add the mayonnaise, salt, and pepper and stir until creamy
I like to add the yolk mixture to a small plastic bag and cut off a small corner tip
Where the egg yolk was add about a 1/2 teaspoon of pepper jelly, then the yolk mixture, and then top it off with a piece of bacon
That’s it! I also love this recipe because you can cook the eggs and bacon ahead of time and just assemble everything right before. Everyone will go CRAZY over this recipe…trust me.