Watermelon Cucumber Gin & Tonic

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Summer to me means watermelon, sun, fun, and a cold delicious cocktail in hand. My favorite cocktail is a classic gin and tonic but this might be my new favorite. This easy to make watermelon cucumber cocktail is so flavorful and will cool you down all Summer long. Cheers!


Watermelon Cucumber Juice:

4 cups watermelon

1/2 hot house cucumber

1 lime

5 sprigs mint, leaves removed


2 oz Gin of choice

2 oz watermelon cucumber juice



In a blender add in the watermelon, cucumber, lime, and mint. Puree until smooth

(Optional) Strain the juice using cheesecloth, a clean dish towel, fine sieve, or a nut bag. I like doing this to capture any chunky bits!

In a glass filled with ice add the gin, watermelon juice, and top with the tonic. Garnish with a mint sprig and you’re ready for Summer