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Herbed Lobster Rolls

This recipe is SO delicious and easy to make. The perfect picnic lunch because you can make it ahead of time! If you can't find pre-cooked lobster tails then just poach your own. I recommend doing this anyways! Put the lobster in water that is just under a simmer and cook until the flesh is white and cooked through, about 5 minutes...

Grilled Peach Bruschetta

First thing you want to do is heat up your grill pan over medium high heat. Add the sliced peaches in an even layer and let them cook until they get beautiful grill marks. Flip them over and cook on the other side...

Cherry Clafoutis

This recipe is SO easy to make and everyone will go crazy for it. The hardest part of this recipes is getting the pits out of the cherries! I don't have a cherry pitter so I just get the pits out the old fashioned way. I cut the cherries in half, twist the two halves to expose the pit, and take my knife and cut it out...

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