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Loaded Baked Potato Soup*

Can you think of anything better than a delicious warm soup on a chilly day? Neither can I. Recently I’ve been on a potato kick and have been craving baked potatoes so I decided to switch up the regular baked potato and make a loaded baked potato soup. Thank goodness it’s sweater and jeans time because this baby is certainly not low fat. Oh well, tis the season! Ok, lets get cooking. In a pot over medium high heat melt the butter and add the ...

Baked Apple Cider Doughnuts

Ok seriously, who doesn’t love doughnuts?! I do. I could probably eat an entire dozen half dozen by myself. I wish I was joking right now, but I’m not at all. Weirdly enough I prefer the baked doughnuts over the regular fried ones. I love the cake-like texture of them and I also like that they aren’t as greasy. It makes me feel a lot better about eating 6 doughnuts in a sitting. They’re baked okay?! Totally healthy for you! I was deciding...
Parmesan Truffle Fries*

Parmesan Truffle Fries*

Let me start off by saying I have NEVER met anyone that didn’t like french fries. If you are one of those people that don’t then leave my website immediately because you should be ashamed. Now, I’m not saying they’re healthy and that I eat them all the time, but as a treat nothing beats a good french fry. Well, this is my kicked up version. I love anything with truffle oil on it because it takes an ordinary dish and makes it really specia...

Pusser’s Painkiller Cocktail*

While down in the British Virgin Islands this Summer I discovered a very tasty cocktail from this amazing spot called Pusser's on Marina Cay. This cocktail just screams the Caribbean to me and it is the second best thing to actually being there! Now, the locals liked to make this extremely strong (hence the name Painkiller) but you can make this as strong or as light as you would like... depending on how much pain you're trying to kill obviously....

Homemade Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwiches*

Homemade chocolate chip cookies? Yes. Homemade chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches? YES!!!! These cookies are so delicious and even if you don't make the cookies into sandwiches I definitely recommend still making them. Let's get started making these sweet treats! Preheat your oven to 375 degrees F. In a bowl mix together the dry ingredients: flour, baking soda, and salt. In another bowl cream together the softened butter, sugar, brown sugar, van...

Beer Battered Onion Rings with Sriracha Dill Ranch Sauce*

One of my favorite things in the entire world are fried onion rings. I absolutely love them. I have vivid memories as a kid going to our favorite restaurant and they would bring out a huge stack of onion rings and I would devour them in minutes. This is my version of a classic. I wanted to keep the recipe simple but make a killer sauce. I love Sriracha Sauce and it adds such a nice tang to the homemade ranch. Ok, let's get starte...

Chilled Tomato Gazpacho*

In the dead of Summer nothing is better than a cold cocktail soup. I've always loved gazpacho because you can play around with the ingredients so much to make it your own. This recipe is very traditional which is how I like it personally but if you want to add something else in there you could! The recipe is about as easy as it can get and it is insanely healthy. It's literally pureed uncooked veggi...

Grapefruit Rosemary Mojito*

If you haven't noticed I'm obsessed with mojitos and trying as many different flavors as possible. For some strange reason grapefruit and rosemary are a match made in tastebud heaven so I decided to try and see if I could make it into a mojito! Needless to say it was a complete success and it is so delicious. In a shaker muddle together the grapefruit and rosemary. Add the simple syrup and rum and give it a shake to mix it all together. Strain ov...

Plum Crisp*

Looking for the perfect crisp recipe?? Look no further! This is the easiest dessert you can make and the good news is you can change out the plums for any fruit you want. Plums are in season and they looked delicious at the store so that is what I used. You can use any kind of stone fruit, apple, berry, you name it. The first thing you want to do is preheat your oven at 350 degrees F and butter a 9" pie pan. In a bowl with the sliced plums add th...

Citrus Orzo Salad*

I love a good cold pasta salad on a warm Summer day. This colorful and flavorful side dish with liven up any barbecue! You can always make this the night before so you don’t have to worry about making it the day of which I always love. If you do decide to make this the night before do not add the cilantro until the day of to prevent ugly brown pieces of cilantro. Cook the orzo pasta according to the directions on the package. Once the pasta is ...

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